Capstone Pediatrics Case Study

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Mitel hosted VoIP system and Enterprise Contact Center solutions help Capstone Pediatrics improve patient satisfaction and encourage regular office visits.

Capstone Pediatrics


  • Needed to unify its telephony system across 11 locations, implement a contact center to improve patient services, measure agent performance, and enable practice staff to answer calls quickly and efficiently.
  • Prior system did not support contact center capabilities or unified communications


  • The Mitel deployment included its cloud-based phone system, IP400 phone terminals, and Enterprise Contact Center (ECC).


  • Cost savings of $1,000 a month
  • Higher revenue due to an increase in patient visits
  • Improved customer service
  • Calls answered in less than 30 seconds


Capstone Pediatrics has 11 locations and approximately 143 employees. Its previous system did not support contact center integration or offer the modern telephony features this medical practice needed to stay competitive in today’s patient-centered healthcare landscape.


Patients at Capstone Pediatrics know that they have many options when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider, and as a result, they have high expectations of their patient experience. To ensure patient loyalty, Capstone Pediatrics can’t afford missed or dropped calls. Improving patient service and enhancing overall practice operations required the practice to invest in a more modern telephony solution.

After an exhaustive process evaluating and receiving bids from a variety of telephony vendors, Thomas Okokhere, vice president of financial analysis and internal audit at Capstone Pediatrics, concluded that Mitel offered a superior contact center experience. “We wanted a system that was more integrated with a patient contact center. We also were looking for a well-established company with a reputation for reliability. Mitel was a perfect fit,” says Okokhere.


Capstone Pediatrics leverages a hosted VoIP and unified communication solution for the offices and implemented the Mitel Enterprise Contact Center to improve customer service. “Our patient contact center has a dashboard, which makes it easy to monitor calls, view and keep track of the average time to answer, abandon rates, and other patterns that can affect the overall patient experience. Previously, every practice location was handling patient appointments individually. With Mitel, appointment calls are centralized and the whole process is much more efficient,” explains Okokhere.

Capstone Pediatrics is also saving a thousand dollars a month with its Mitel solution. With appointment calls going to the contact center, the practice has been able to reduce front-office overhead. In addition, the IT department doesn’t have to spend valuable time and resources maintaining the system.


Implementing a contact center in-house and centralizing appointment requests have helped Capstone Pediatrics streamline their overall patient appointment scheduling process. Handling the call volume more efficiently requires fewer front-office staff. Plus, patients no longer have to wait in a hold queue since calls are now answered in less than 30 seconds.

“Mitel is a reliable and well-known company The fact that Mitel built its VoIP telephony solution from the ground up further solidified our decision. Mitel offers more features for the money, the system is reliable, and customer service is excellent. It’s everything we needed in a telephony solution and more,” concludes Okokhere. “We couldn’t be happier.”

“Mitel offers more features for the money, the system is reliable and customer service is excellent. It’s everything we need in a telephony solution and more. We couldn’t be happier."

Thomas Okokhere, Vice President of Financial
Analysis and Internal Audit
Capstone Pediatrics