Callidus Health Case Study

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HIPAA compliant communications platform adheres to strict regulations for healthcare communications suite.

Callidus Health


  • As a startup, Callidus Health needed a reliable platform to serve as the base for their healthcare answering service and communications suite.


  • Summit Platform


  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Voice & SMS Functionality
  • Development Options

Development Options get Healthcare Solution Up and Running Fast

The Challenge: HIPAA Compliant Platform

As a startup, Callidus Health needed a reliable platform to serve as the base for their healthcare answering service and communications suite. Since their communications suite handles patient information and time-critical requests from patients, it was critical that the platform delivered low latency and HIPAA compliance to ensure all information is received immediately and securely. After researching several platform vendors, they found Mitel to be one of the only providers that could deliver the security and HIPAA compliance they required. Mitel’s Summit Platform was also chosen for its complete voice and SMS feature set, ease of use and development options.

The Process: Building Voice & SMS Functionality

Mitel’s development partners worked diligently to incorporate voice and SMS functionality into Callidus Health’s two communications solutions - one for patients and one for doctors.

The patient solution simplifies after-hour patient requests and eliminates the need for pagers and third-party call centers. By leveraging the Summit Platform, Callidus Health’s CareLINK solution is able to route patient requests to the appropriate doctor based on the patient’s needs. CareLINK eliminates the need for third-party answering services by alerting the doctor of a new patient request via email or text, allowing for fast physician follow up. All texts and voice recordings are stored in patients’ electronic records and can be sorted by date, time and tags for easy access.


Ganesh Elangovan, M.D.
Co-Founder, Callidus Health

CareLINK also uses Summit’s call scheduling functionality to automate voice and SMS appointment reminders for patients. Plus, text-to-speech functionality makes it easy to update the appointment reminders without having to record and upload a new message.

Callidus Health’s doctor solution, CareTEAM, allows doctors to communicate with one another via email, text or phone. CareTEAM also supports group texts so nurses, doctors and pharmacists can converse in a single, secure conversation. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists have access to patient profiles so they have a single source of truth for patient information and can alert one another of updates to the record.

The Value: Secure, HIPAA Compliant Data

  • Patient data is secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Low latency to ensure calls and texts are received in real time
  • Excellent voice quality and reliability
  • Easy-to-use, developer-friendly tools
  • Professional services freed up time so they could focus on their areas of expertise
  • Single source for IVR, voice, SMS, call routing, call scheduling, development and infrastructure

The Results: Two Robust Healthcare Solutions

Callidus Health was able to get their two new solutions up and running quickly with the assistance of Mitel’s development partners. Instead of focusing their time and efforts on the telephony part of their solution, Callidus Health was able to use their industry expertise to focus on the clinical components and the patient/doctor experience to solve many of the issues they themselves had faced as doctors. Plus, Mitel handles all of the infrastructure needed to support their software solutions, eliminating extra efforts and costs for the Callidus Health team.

As Callidus Health needs to make changes to and expand their code, Summit’s developer tools allow them to easily make changes in-house as needed. If they need assistance, Mitel’s support team and development partners offer timely, hands-on support.

In choosing Summit, Callidus Health has the platform flexibility needed to help their business grow and ensure HIPAA compliance with all patient interactions.