Retail Lockbox Merchant Services Case Study

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Mitel Summit IVR voice app allows RLMS to support PCI-compliant payments by phone.

Retail Lockbox Merchant Services


  • Payment processing company needed a customizable, PCI compliant solution to support payment-by-phone and the ability to offer multiple convenient payment options for customers.


  • Mitel’s Summit voice platform and IVR capabilities made it easy to process payments over the phone and personalize caller interactions.


  • Extensive and customizable IVRs
  • Supports increased self-service options for customers
  • PCI compliant
  • Training and implementation support

Customer Feedback Identified the Need for Self-Service Options Via the Phone

Retail Lockbox Merchant Services (RLMS), a leading provider of electronic payment processing solutions headquartered in Seattle, needed a PCI compliant interactive voice response (IVR) solution that would allow their various merchant clients to accept payments over the phone and meet end customer demands for convenient payment options. After researching off-the-shelf solutions,

RLMS was unable to find a system that fully suited their needs and elected to use the Mitel Summit platform to create highly customized IVRs for their unique merchant clients.

“Not everybody wants to pay online or mail in a check, so some of our merchant clients wanted us to provide the option for them to let their customers pay by phone,” said Walt Townes, vice president and co-founder of RLMS. “We weren’t specifically looking for a development platform, but rather, a solution that would support multiple customized IVRs, which is an area where Mitel Summit excels.”


Walt Townes, Vice President &
Co-Founder, RLMS

Summit App Powers Custom IVR Functionality for RLMS Merchant Clients

Summit’s true Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) architecture allowed RLMS to create complex IVRs with ease. Using Summit’s built-in datastore, the company was able to customize call flows based on the IVR entry to deliver personalized experiences for each of their merchant clients and their end customers.

This customization makes it possible to play unique greetings and transfer numbers based on the dial-in phone number. Customers can also call in to receive account information, such as their balance, without having to speak with a customer service representative.

Additionally, Mitel Summit was able to consolidate multiple IVRs into a single management system with a datastore table, so RLMS administrators can add new clients and change variables specific to each merchant client. The IVRs then present themselves as custom applications depending on the number associated with each customer.

Preferring to focus on core business objectives rather than build a solution on their own, RLMS called on Mitel’s professional services to help with the original development of their IVR voice applications. However, if merchants need changes to the IVRs, RLMS also has code-level access that allows their in-house team to easily make updates on the fly.

“Mitel’s professional services team worked hard to get us up as quickly as possible,” said Townes. “I was impressed. It’s a good product and they stand behind it. “

He added, “We recommend the pay-by-phone solution that is built on Mitel Summit to our clients.”

Summit’s User-Friendly Design Makes Managing & Updating IVR Apps Simple

A number of RLMS merchant customers have adopted the pay-by-phone IVR solution, enabling their end customers to easily make payments and access account information over the phone. Plus, with Summit’s carrier-class network, the company and its clients can be confident that all transactions processed over the IVRs are PCI compliant.

RLMS is also considering Mitel Summit’s automated SMS messaging capabilities as a way of continuing to address merchant and end user requests for convenient service options.