Georgia Tourism Case Study

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Custom IVR app allows Georgia Tourism to delight visitors and reduce wait times with ease.

Georgia Tourism


  • Creating an IVR application that would enable Georgia Tourism to improve customer service and response times.


  • Summit IVR app provides Georgia Tourism with the ability to roll overflow calls to alternate offices and receive voicemail-to-email notifications during and after visitor center hours.


  • IVR application to improve call management
  • Call routing based on the time of day
  • Voicemail-to-email notifications
  • Call routing centered around a cascading hierarchy

Finding a Better Way to Manage Thousands of Calls Per Month

The staff at Georgia Tourism oversees 12 visitor information centers across the state of Georgia. They put customer satisfaction first to ensure their guests have a great experience while visiting the state. After adding locations, it became challenging for Georgia Tourism to manage their call volumes and effectively meet their visitors’ needs. To deliver the level of service they desired, the organization researched different IVR offerings, searching for a solution that would help them to improve wait times and streamline response efforts.

“We don’t have enough staff to answer all the calls,” said Ann Perry, visitor center manager. “We needed a new system that could route calls to other visitor centers if one center was too busy to pick up. Outside of office hours, we wanted voicemails sent via a transcribed email so staff is still able to answer questions in a timely manner.”

Advanced Call Routing Eliminates Need for Third-Party Call Center

Prior to implementing the Summit solution, Georgia Tourism’s overflow calls were sent to an out-of-state call center. The call center agents were prompt, but didn’t have the regional expertise of the Georgia Tourism staff.


Ann Perry, Visitor Center
Manager, Georgia Tourism

To deliver a more consistent and informed visitor experience, Georgia Tourism leveraged Summit’s advanced call routing capabilities to route calls to one of their other in-state visitor information center locations. Visitor centers are grouped together by prioritization and ring simultaneously, enabling the first available location to pick up the call. If calls aren’t able to be answered in Georgia Tourism’s desired timeframe, the Summit application rings a secondary group of visitor centers to ensure the caller’s wait time is as minimal as possible. Outside of office hours, calls are routed to the visitor center’s voicemail. The voice messages are then sent via email to Georgia Tourism staff, enabling the organization to respond quickly to any inquiries.

Georgia Tourism Gets Rave Reviews from Visitors

Georgia Tourism now has a flexible IVR solution to manage call volumes and deliver a consistent visitor experience. With advanced call routing, they are able answer visitor questions in-house, eliminating the need for a third-party call center and its associated costs. If Georgia Tourism experiences spikes in call volumes, Summit empowers them to make changes to their call routing in real time without any disruption to their business.

“Visitors are always telling us how wonderful the customer call service is,” said Perry. “They are also pleased with the quality of information that we are able to provide.”