Orion Township Case Study

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Michigan community, Orion Township, sought a flexible, reliable communications solution to replace their failing legacy phone system. With MiCloud Connect, Orion Township has been able to simplify everyday operations and improve community engagement. 

Orion Township


  • Aging, insufficient legacy PBX had issues with reliability
  • High cost, low functionality
  • Inefficient operations made it more challenging for staff to engage with the community 


  • MiCloud Connect with mobile application
  • Microsoft Outlook integration


  • Over 10% cost savings
  • Increased productivity for staff while on-the-go
  • Intuitive user experience


Orion Township is a lakeside community in the eastern part of Michigan. Their motto, “Where living is a vacation”, is indicative of the picturesque area and friendly people


In Orion Township, the Supervisor’s Office is critical to helping the community and its constituents maintain their idyllic quality of life, overseeing key operating agencies of the municipality such as the departments of police, fire, public works and parks and recreation. So, when the voicemail on their Toshiba PBX system suddenly stopped working, it created a significant interruption to the township’s operations -- like what lost luggage would be to the average vacationer. While the voicemail could probably have been fixed, this would have required a sizable investment into a system that was already aging and outdated.

Chris Barnett, Orion Township Supervisor, wondered if the township would be able to comfortably and immediately finance a new solution. Although it was clearly needed, Barnett faced a number of concerns: Would there be available budget for this unexpected expense? How much time and effort would be required to solve this problem? How much convincing would the other township leaders and constituents need?


Aware of Mitel’s long-standing and strong reputation in the unified communications space, Barnett quickly reached out to explore options. Mitel’s consultative sales approach in looking beyond just a phone system to a more integrated UC solution opened new possibilities that would make it easier for the Supervisor’s Office to interact with employees and constituents of the township. But, at what cost?

As a government leader accountable to the township’s citizens, Barnett was thrilled to learn he could get more for less with Mitel. The journey to a stable, high quality, lower cost communications system was possible.

“While at first the voicemail failure was very disruptive to operations, it turned out to be the catalyst to not only saving money but also getting a 21st century solution. When presented to the Township Board, it was the proverbial ‘no-brainer’,” stated Barnett.

Orion Township selected MiCloud Connect, a premium, cloud-based unified communications solution. The solution included, among other features: a full-featured VoIP business phone system, mobile apps for iOS and Android and Microsoft Outlook integration.

With Connect CLOUD, Orion Township now benefits from a reliable and flexible communications system without being burdened by large capital expenditures. The Township Hall, Community Center, Fire and Police Departments, Department of Public Works and more can now securely and seamlessly interact with each other and the township’s constituents. Collaboration is also easier for employees of the Supervisor’s Office since Connect CLOUD offers a central place to manage instant messaging, quality audio and video conference calling, web collaboration and desktop sharing. Employees find they’re more efficient with the ability to quickly find department phone numbers and dial the four-digit extensions, as opposed to previously having to dial seven digits. Combined with the Microsoft Outlook integration, which allows for smooth event scheduling and invitation automation, Orion Township employees are more agile in managing the community operations and serving their constituents.

“Beyond the brand new, state-ofthe-art technology, Orion Township is saving at least ten percent when compared to the former system."

Chris Barnett, Orion Township Supervisor Orion Township

Connect CLOUD’s mobile app tops off the communications solution with on-the-go access to conferencing, video calling, instant messaging and online meetings. Township employees, who are often in-the-field, no longer need to wait until they’re back at their desks to return phone calls. And, if they happen to be cruising Lake Orion when constituents contact them for help on an issue, they no longer need to share their personal phone number. Instead, their office phone number is with them and presented to others. As Barnett explains, “With employees’ increased responsiveness and efficiency, projects now move quicker and constituents are better served.”

“I have to say that MiCloud Connect really is brilliantly simple. Whether as fundamental as a wall phone or as robust as a mobile work options, it delivers an outstanding user experience,” said Barnett.


“Beyond the brand new, state-of-the-art technology, Orion Township is saving at least ten percent when compared to the former system,” Barnett noted. Along with not having IT overhead, Connect CLOUD has saved us thousands of additional dollars on third-party service calls. Now, if need be, employees simply push the ‘help’ button on their phone and Mitel is there to assist – like that one-touch button to a hotel concierge.”

The cost savings can now be repurposed to community projects that have been waiting for available budget, such as an all-inclusive baseball field that is being considered to better serve a growing need for a fully-accessible community recreation park.

Known for being a progressive leader, Chris Barnett turned a losing game into a home run for Orion Township employees and its citizens thanks to MiCloud Connect.