Graham Bevington

Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer
Graham Bevington

Graham Bevington is Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer. He is responsible for worldwide sales operations.

Graham has been a pillar in Mitel’s sales organization for more than 15 years, since he joined Mitel as managing director in the UK. Since then, he has been responsible for Mitel’s growth and success in 3 of Mitel’s 4 regions, separately and together — EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Central and Latin America.

Graham is credited with setting Mitel in Europe on the road to a channel-based model coupled with high-touch vertical market resources. His approach increased EMEA margins and local operating contributions by more than 100% and revenues by 300% in the seven-year period from 2003 to 2010.

When Graham joined Mitel in 2000, UK market share was 4%. In 2014, UK market share was 25%, and Mitel is now in the number one position. In 2003, Mitel began to do business in the Netherlands. Today the company is the leading vendor there with over 40% market share. More broadly, Mitel is currently number one in both EMEA and Western Europe.

Graham has more than 25 years of experience in telecommunications. He started his telecom career as national sales manager for Shipton’s in the UK. There, he grew the company’s revenue by more than 500% from 1992 to 1997. When Shipton’s became part of telecom equipment manufacturer DeTeWe, Graham became managing director for that organization in the UK. During his 16 years with DeTeWe, he led the organization to develop OEM relationships and shifted the company’s strategic focus from fulfillment to being a professional service-based business. While working for DeTeWe, Graham became one of the first dealers for Mitel in the UK. He later joined Mitel to lead the company’s drive to a channel-based model.

Graham is based in Dallas and he splits his time between Europe and the Americas.